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We Design & Develop
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Like you, we live our lives online. We shop online, have a long Skype calls with our grandma and quick chats with friends. But over the past few years, we noticed that web surfing became way too cluttered. Instead of getting frustrated, we got to work.

We strive to help users take back control of their online experience. We don’t want to tell customers what we think they need to see or buy, we give them a tool to choose themselves.

We combine users' feedback with our passion to create high technology products and an empathy to deliver an outstanding customer experience.


No half-measures

We create high-quality products, powerful enough to change the game.

Don't switch sides

In a clash of consumer interests and corporations we take the users' side, no exceptions.

User behind the wheel

User is the playmaker in our product usage and development.



We created StopAd for the 3 billion people that want to use the web without ads. StopAd is a desktop app that works on all major browsers and applications. It can block banners, pop-ups, Google ads, auto-play videos, Skype ads, Facebook ads and more.

3-tiered approach that includes URL blocking, CSS scanning and HTML filtering allows for an enhanced protection compared to common ad blocking browser extensions.

Technology behind the StopAd also allows users to deactivate trackers and provides protection from malicious sites, identity theft and phishing. The software comes free of charge and is available for download at StopAd official website.

Cross-platform app that fits your devices

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Management Team

Sitnikov Vladimir photo

Vladimir Sytnikov

General Manager

Lyakhov Serhey photo

Sergey Lyakhov

VP of Engineering

Parchomenko Denis photo

Denys Parkhomenko

VP of Product

Nikolaiev Iegor photo

Iegor Nikolaiev

VP of Business Development